Counselling at Vita Nova


My name is Celia De Lima and I hold a BSc (Hons) in Systemic Counselling from The Family Institute at University of South Wales and I am a member of the BACP. 

Systemic Counselling is an evidenced strength-based approach that sees the individual in relationships with others rather than in isolation. Its core is to look at contexts, environments, and relationships (family, work, friends) alongside events, emotions, and feelings (trauma, anxiety, loneliness, bereavement, and loss) emerging from these interactions.

Along the years I worked as a professional in the community I came across individuals from all walks of life and with various emotional and psychological difficulties. I witnessed first-hand how changes can place us somewhere we did not ask to be and how traumas and anxiety effect our ability to cope and carry on with the simplest tasks of daily life.

I have experience in working with adults with various Mental Health diagnosis and their families. Once a week I work with a charity aimed at survivors from sexual and domestic abuse.

My way of working is collaborative and relational and I create a safe place where you can share and bring light to whatever is troubling you and in this way, reveal your inner resources and co-create new meanings to a more fulfilling life.

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