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Navigating Life's Relationships:

In a world where our connections with  others shape our existence, understanding  the dynamics within these relationships  becomes paramount. As an experienced  Systemic Therapist, I delve into the  intricate tapestry of human connections,  whether in familial bonds, romantic/marriage relationships, friendships, or the relationship we have with ourselves. 

Embark on a path of self-discovery and  relational understanding either through couples and marriage counseling or individual counseling. Together, we can  navigate the complexities of life's  relationships, fostering positive change  and cultivate a more enriching existence.

Seeing Beyond the Surface

My focus  extends beyond individual experiences to  explore the interactions between people. I  am committed to shedding light on the  contexts in which my clients navigate, sans  judgments or preconceived notions. After  all, we all live in relation to others,  embedded in communities, partnerships,  families, workplaces, and schools – all  influencing how we perceive and feel  about our lives. 

A Different Lens for Change 
I invite you to embark on a journey of self reflection, encouraging you to view your  life and emotions through a different lens.  It is within this transformative process that  meaningful change can occur. By fostering  an environment of understanding and  acceptance, my aim is to enhance  contentment with oneself and others,  paving the way for a more complete and  fulfilling life.

Credentials That Speak Volumes 
With more than 2000 plus practice hours and an undergraduate degree in Systemic Counselling and a Level 5 Certificate in Couples Counselling, my qualifications lay  a strong foundation for the work I do. In  addition to these credentials, I have further  honed my expertise through specialized  studies in: 
- Solution-Focused Therapy 
- Motivational Interviewing 
- Attachment in Adults and Couples - Shame and Relational Trauma 
- Suicide, Self-Harm, and Trauma - Men, Shame, and Intimacy 
Among others...

Informed and Empathetic Practice 
My approach is deeply rooted in Systemic,  Attachment, and Trauma-informed  methodologies. I understand the  significance of creating a safe and  supportive space for my clients. Holding  an updated DBS and full insurance, I am  committed to ensuring a secure and  confidential environment for your  therapeutic journey. 

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