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How Can Counselling Help?

Updated: Feb 12

Even if in the world of today, stepping into counselling or therapy sessions, might be scary for most clients due to fear or stigma, once a client steps in an office for the first session, little does the client knows of how many minds were put together, and more so researches, to create the safest environment where human beings can show their truest self without the fear of being judged and still be accepted exactly as they are.

So how can Counselling help you?

I advocate that everyone benefits from any type of therapy or counselling, regardless of their situation.

In the world of today, mental health is present in everyday tasks: ether when watching television, either campaigns at work; when we're chatting or dinning with friends, or even when we are silent with our thoughts. It has never been highlighted as now, but there's still people who feel scared to look for a counsellor or a therapist, or to admit to themselves or others when they need help. People are often afraid of what others will think and say about this decision, and scared of being judged.

However, life is happening all the time, at every hour, every minute and every second.

Break ups, divorces, bereavements or other drastic life changes happen to every human being and it's natural to feel negative emotions, or to feel sad and numb as a consequence. This is only human and doesn't mean you are weak or damaged.

To everyone that is struggling, let me share it with you now: you're not alone. Everyone struggles with something even if they don't share or show. But most importantly, don't fear what others will think or judge about you. ​One of the lessons I honestly learned is, by sharing and reflecting, we experience less isolation, we expand our natural capacity of creating new meanings about ourselves, our lives and about lived adverse experiences.

Even if you see yourself as strong, life will happen to you too! To admit that you might need help or that you're struggling dealing with a life hurdle by yourself, will only make you stronger, brave and a role model to others.

If you see yourself as balanced, secure and with a robust mental health, in reality therapy will enhance this and will make other people around you benefit too.

One of the things I tell my clients about how counselling will help is to slow down and take things one at a time. The benefits are it will make you appreciate life and others and even the little things will make your day brighter. Noticing this will help you to accept and forgive what you can not change.

So to all of you, who might be struggling or not struggling or who might be strong and healthy, reach out in any way, because in the end, we all deserve to be happy and counselling will help you to achieve this.


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